My Skills

A little insight into what I do.

Creative Direction Creative Direction

Creative direction is about seeing the forest and the trees; making well informed decisions amongst tough choices. It’s where art direction and design intersect with business strategy.

User Experience User Experience

User experience is a complex discipline, but the desired result is fairly simple; delight users by exceeding their expectations. Give users what they want — plus a little more.

Interaction Design Interaction Design

Interaction design is the creation of useful and usable experiences. It’s being grounded by a deep understanding of the user, and finding balance between business goals and technology.

Ecommerce Solutions Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce is the promise of a better shopping experience for the customer; whenever and wherever they are. Discoverability is key; making options more manageable and accessible.

Product Innovation Product Innovation

Developing innovative products and taking them to market is about recognizing key insights, generating ideas, testing solutions, analyzing business, and launching with confidence.

Creative Optimization Creative Optimization

Creative optimization provides more efficient campaign experiences by leveraging consumer behavior data to get the right creative in front of the right customer at the right time. Cool right?!?

  • Amazon Advertising Design & User Experience

    “Creative excellence at scale is very hard to achieve and Marcus embodies this.”

    — Scott Hines, former Director Amazon Global Advertising

    - Marcus Pape Testimonial3
  • Core Innovation Logo

    “As Creative Director he had the innate ability to visualize the long-range effects of our visual design and how in turn that communicated and supported a brand’s overall marketing strategy.”

    — Josh Clark, Core Innovation Marketing Director

    - Marcus Pape Testimonial2
  • Coinstar, Inc. Logo

    “Smart, smart, smart— that’s Marcus. He’s a smart thinker, with an active creative mind. He champions and delivers smart user centric design wrapped around innovative ideas that have consumers leaning in and engaging— with off the chart results.”

    — David Ross, former Coinstar Creative Director

    - Marcus Pape Testimonial1